Postdoc in model theory (Caserta, Italy)

I think that we might use this platform to spread information about upcoming meetings and position openings. The following is a message from Paola D’Aquino (

Dear All,
there is a two year postdoc position in model theory in my department in Caserta. It will be advertised by end of April and the deadline for applying is around end of May. It’s not required to have a Ph.D. by the
deadline for application. The salary is 25,000 per year before taxes. If you know of anyone who can be interested they can write to me for more information.
Best wishes,

3 responses to “Postdoc in model theory (Caserta, Italy)

  1. Andrés: perhaps we should create a special category for posts like this? I don’t seem to have access to these settings.

  2. Artem: Yes, we should have a special category for that. I will add it, and make you into an administrator.

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