About fff

Yes, a new (collective) blog on all things considered regarding forking, forcing and the back and forth between Model Theory and Set Theory, and even the rest of math 🙂

Inspired by the Secret Blogging Seminar, the n-category café and various other blogs, a group of Model Theorists and Set Theorists have decided to put up a blog to explain to ourselves (and whoever reads this) why some result we just submitted to a journal is interesting, why some “classical” theorem (or definition, or notion, or example) is worth revisiting, what is our view on some discussion, what on earth is “such and such fancy concept”.

All in Model Theory and in many cases its intersection with Set Theory (fff –  as in “fortissimo” but also as in forking, forcing and back-andforthing).

The basic blogging group consists of people based in various places (Bogotá, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Lyon, Boise, Freiburg): Andrés Caicedo, Juan Diego Caycedo, Artem Chernikov, John Goodrick, Ayhan Günaydın, Goyo Mijares, Sonat Suer, Andrés Villaveces. The “new blogging seminar” also encourages participation of anyone else who wants to write posts fitting the topics discussed here.

Welcome all!

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